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Vandemataram song is the pride of our nation

Many youngsters are not aware of the background of Vandemataram song, though it enjoys the equal status with 'Jana gana mana'.

👤 Prime Point Srinivasan26 July 2017 2:57 PM GMT
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Suddently media has started debating about 'Vandemataram' song, based on the judgement of Madras High Court. Present generation may not be aware that Vandemataram song has equal status with 'Jana gana Mana'. When the Parliament session starts, the National Anthem will be played at the beginning of every session. On the last day of the session, 'Vandemataram' will be played. This is happening since 1950. Since we do not sing Vandemataram often, many people may not know about this.
For the past several years, we always play Vandemataram at the beginning of all the events organised by our ezine PreSense, including Sansad Ratna Award function. We always play National Anthem (Jana gana mana) at the end.
Originally, Congress planned to make Vandemataram as National Anthem. But in the Constituent Assembly, Shri Rajendra Prasad made announcement informing Jana Gana Mana as the National Anthem and giving equal status to Vandemataram.
Two years ago, we played 'Vandemataram' during Sansad Ratna Award event. Manay youngsters participated. During tea time, one of the college students came to me and asked me in low tone, "Sir, why did you play BJP song" at the beginning. I asked him whether he knew anything about this song. He said that he knew that Vandemataram was being used more by BJP and hence he asked me this question I explained to him that Vandemataram was a National song and should be sung by all. That is the level of awareness among our people.
It is very unfortunate that Vandemataram song is made a controversy in Tamil Nadu. Present generation may not know that the word 'Vandemataram' was a 'war cry' among the freedom fighters. This 'magic word' brought together the entire country. It was Indian National Congress who used this before Independence.
Since BJP is using Vandemataram more often now, this song itself gets politicised. Vandemataram song is beyond all politics. It is our pride.
Please listen and download the official version of Vandemataram (1 minute)
Jai Hind